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Sacramental Preparation

            Sacramental Preparation:

The Diocese of Rochester has set clear guidelines in how to prepare children to receive their First Sacraments, including that they must be part of Religious Education (Faith Formation) classes for at least two years.  To access the Diocesan Information, please click on the links in the sidebar.

Adults seeking sacraments meet with Deacon Dave LaFortune to determine the best path to their goal. Families interested in having their infants baptized are assisted by Deacon Robert Colomaio. Children and youth ready to prepare for First Eucharist,  First Reconciliation and Confirmation take part in a process led by Mary Carol Wall. All three may be reached by calling the office.


  • There are two Parent/Guardian informational meetings. The first one will be held after the 9 am Mass at St. Mary's O'Malley Hall on Sunday, September 18th. The second meeting will also be on September 18th, in St. Gabriel's McGill Hall, immediately following the 11 am Mass. It will be regarding BOTH sacraments of Reconciliation (Confession) and Eucharist (Communion) AND Religious Education Classes. Payment is not necessary, but we welcome donations ($15 per family for religious ed class, with an additional $15 if celebrating First Reconciliation and First Eucharist). However, we do NOT wish money concerns to dictate whether a child participates in celebrating the sacrament. 

  • First celebrations of Reconciliation usually take place during Lent,                                        preceded by a 5-6 week period of preparation, separate       from religious education classes. Sessions are for parents as well  as for children, and take place at St. Mary's, times TBA.

  • Similar preparation is provided for First Eucharist.

  • April 1st, 2017: Celebration of First Reconciliation

  • May 21st, 2016: Celebration of First Eucharist, followed by Parish Celebration Breakfast in the Hall

  • Confirmation is celebrated on alternate years.  Preparation is now a two year process followed by a 6-7 week immediate preparation period. There will be an informational meeting on Sunday, September 11th, at 10:30 am in Room 204 at St. Mary's. There is a Coffee Hour immediately following the 9 AM Mass... please help yourself to donuts and coffee, etc., and feel free to bring them upstairs with you to the meeting. Contact Mary Carol Wall for more information.

Click on the below symbol to access Diocese of Rochester Guidelines for the various sacraments:

We use sacramental preparation books from the publisher Benziger RCL. Families work through the chapters at home. Then the parents/guardians and their children come together with the other families for several group sessions, reviewing the books a bit, but mostly seeing how to put what was learned into everyday life.


Reconciliation Preparation

Eucharist Preparation