Feast of the Assumption Masses: 8/15: 5 pm St. Mary's and 7 pm St. Gabriel's; Summer Mass schedule: St. Mary's: 4 pm Sat and 9 am Sun; St. Gabriel's in Hammondsport: 5:30 pm Sat, and 8 am,11 am Sun

Liturgical Ministry

Liturgy: The Work of the People

St. Gabriel’s Church

 Spring 2014 Schedule for Liturgical Ministers




Ministers of Communion









04/27/14   11 a.m.

M H Benedict

K & S Morris

S Morris & L Martuscello


D Peterson







05/04/14  11 a.m.

     B Howe

L Rice & B Howe

L Rice & Deacon Bob


Sean Haefner







05/11/14   11 a.m.

L Perkins

J Kashorek & S Wood

L Perkins & D O'Connor


M L O'Connor







05/18/14    11 a.m.

C. Simmonds

T & K Linnan

K Linnan & C Simmonds


K Ainsworth







05/25/14    11 a.m.

 T Jack

D & D Mau

D & D Mau


D Peterson




























































































































If you have a conflict, please arrange a substitute and then call (569-3501) or email (hstgabri@dor.org) the parish office to let us know of the change.  Thank you.