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Father Guilfoil Assembly 732

Knights of Columbus, Fourth Degree

Father Guilfoil Assembly 732


Rogers Hall

Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church

115 East High St.

Painted Post, NY


Members of Precious Blood Council 5147 who have obtained the honors of the 4th degree, belong to the Father Guilfoil Assembly 732. They meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in Rogers Hall, located behind the Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church at 115 East High St. Painted Post, NY. Faithful Navigator for this assembly is David Kashorek, who may be reached at 607-776-6167.

The triad emblem of the Fourth Degree features the dove, the cross and the globe. The dove, classic symbol of the Holy Spirit and peace, is shown hovering over the orb of the Earth (globe). Both are mounted on a variation of the Crusader's cross, which was found on the tunics and capes of the Crusading knights who battled to regain the Holy Land from the pagans.

Spiritually, the sacred symbols on the emblem typify the union of the Three Divine Persons in one Godhead, the most Blessed Trinity.

  • The Globe – God the Father, Creator of the Universe.
  • The Cross – God the Son, Redeemer of Mankind.
  • The Dove – God the Holy Spirit, Sanctifier of Humanity.

The colors of the symbols are:

  • A blue globe with the land of the Western Hemisphere in white.
  • A red cross with gold borders and gold knobs at the end of the points forming the ends of the arms of the cross, also known as the Isabella cross.
  • A white dove.

Red, white and blue are the colors of the flag of the country in which the Knights originated. They are used to stress patriotism, the basic principle of the Fourth Degree.

March 16th, 2014 Rite of Election


Hosting Free Coffee Weekend 2014 at Kanona Rest Area





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Our meetings will be on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7 pm at Roger's Hall, behind Immaculate Heart Church in Painted Post, NY, except for July and August when there are no meetings. Hope to see everyone there.



Scenes at Mass with the 4th Degree: